Friday, September 19, 2008

14 Weeks

Amazing to think a real, live, whole person is growing inside. Yesterday I met my midwife for the first time and it really brought a sense of relief. I had this feeling that she would look at me and say 'uh, you're not pregnant'. Instead, it was 'yup, there's a baby in there, just the right size for a 13-14 week old'. And while it took a while to find, the most reassuring part was when we heard the rapid little heart beating. No denying it now! Beating away at 150 bpm. I suppose that's what made this all feel the most 'real' to me so far. Yeah, I know it's a pretty good sign when I can feel my uterus growing and when I'm sick and throwing up everyday for months. And when my hormones and emotions are all outta whack. But something about hearing a seperate heart beating twice as fast as mine, wow, that's my baby. You would think that this being my second child, it wouldn't be so difficult for me to grasp what is going on, but no, I think this time it is even more 'WHOA this is crazy!'. 1/3 of the way there! It's the start of the 2nd trimester!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TWO years old!

Well, we made it! Cade turned 2 last week! We planned to have one big special day for him, but it quickly turned into several little things over several days. This is attributed mostly to my inability to function as dinner time nears, so plans for the evening usually got pushed to 'maybe tomorrow'. Anyhow, he did get to see his first football game, go hiking and play in the sand, and have candles to blow out on his cake. We went the zucchini bar route for his cake. He loves them! And there was supposed to be frosting, but even that got pushed to 'maybe some other day' as it was already 7pm by the time we (Nick) baked the little cakes. Regardless, he thought the world of a table full of balloons and candles and unlimited 'cake'! He didn't even seem to notice that it was 2 days past his birthday. Oh, and he did open presents and cards on his actual birthday. If only he would have left his 'I'm 2!' birthday crown on for at least one picture...'maybe some other day'.