Saturday, January 31, 2009


I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl, but his uncles gave him this jersey and he's just so darn cute in it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Again, it has been a while since I've updated so I'll catch you all up on the current events.

Biggest news is that I've recently joined Facebook. Ha, ok, so not exactly the most exciting thing going on but I finally gave into the peer pressure and invitation emails. It's slightly addicting, especially since I've found people I haven't seen in years, but it's fun to be able to keep updated on friends and family.

The actual biggest news is my belly. It's growing and busting out of some of my maternity clothes! While most of the time it feels like two rabid monkeys fighting over a banana in there, everything is going well. I'm 32.5 weeks, so in less than four weeks I can have a homebirth! I'm not really sure how we will all adjust to a newborn, but I know for a fact that we will figure it out somehow! Cade is totally excited about the baby and he spends time cuddling, hugging, talking to, and kissing my belly several times a day. It's hard to grasp that this huge change in our family is just waiting around the corner. Cade has had one on one attention from his mom or dad from the moment he was born. While I know he will thoroughly enjoy a baby brother or sister, I hope and pray that he is old enough to understand the sacrifices that will need to be made. I think he is sensing the big adjustment that is coming. The past few weeks he has been waking up early in the morning and wanting to sleep in our bed with us. Many times he wraps his little arms around me and falls back asleep like that. Also, though he has been potty trained for months, twice today he announced that he peed in his underwear.

Cade is really into playdoh right now. He will play with it literally all day. Sometimes he asks us to sit and play with him or help him put together one of the playdoh toys, but he will sit for an hour by himself just pulling it apart or cutting it or pretending to make food. He's also really excited about reading. We started him on a reading program a few weeks ago that is basically flash cards on the computer. Somedays he doesn't show much interest, but most days he gets excited to 'read his words' and he will repeat them after we read them to him. He also can't get enough of reading books. We get 5 or 6 new books from the library each week and after one time of hear them, he can flip the pages and tell you what happens on each page. His current favorites are Curious George and animal books with real photographs.

My parents were recently able to come and visit us for a weekend and it was wonderful to see them. Hard to imagine that their next visit will be to come and see the new baby! Cade really enjoyed having new people to play ball and playdoh and read his books to him over and over. My mom got some really cute pictures of him during their 'photo toot' as well as some good video of Cade's wild and crazy dancing. It will definitely be nice to be able to visit family much more next year.

Everything is going pretty well with Nick's work at the church. He is definitely learning a lot and growing. We have been asked to stay 6 weeks longer than the normal 1 year vicarage. While we are looking forward to being around family this summer, it would be a blessing to have a home and summer job for Nick. We will see how things work out!

Saturday, January 10, 2009