Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp IoDisECa

Nick was asked last week to come and be 'Vicar of the Week' at summer camp - Iowa District East Camp. The whole family was invited, so we left Sunday after church and will be here until Friday afternoon. It's been quite the experience with 2 small children, but hopefully we've been a positive influence on the 50ish teenagers here this week. Their days are scheduled very well and it seems like such an awesome place to meet new friends and have fun. Morning prayers start at 7:30 (which Nick leads) and the campfire ends the day at 9:30. I've spent a lot of time in our room because Ava is sleeping a ton. Cade is having a blast running around doing things and hanging out with the big kids. Hopefully Ava and I can go with Nick and Cade the next time they visit the horses and ride canoes so we can get pictures! I'm also trying to sneak a picture of Nick leading the prayer services at the Amphitheater. I've only made it to about half of the services because of Ava's sleeping 'schedule' (she sleeps when she's tired!). While it's been stressful (I'm learning that most everything in life is once you have children), it's been such a neat opportunity to be here and meet wonderful people and see the time they invest in putting together a great program for these kids. It's also been nice to have 3 square meals a day prepared for us and no dishes to wash!