Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Stuff

A lot has been going on during the past month or so! For the first time ever, I felt like I was able to enjoy the weeks before Christmas and really felt ready for the insanity that is inherently a part of Christmas with 2 small children. We made it to many parties this year which was a stark contrast to last year. Last year we were in Iowa and I left the house to go to the store, chiropractor, and church. Christmas was quiet and mellow, albeit somewhat full of longing. This year, closer to family, we made many trips to Ohio to attend parties for both my mom and dad's extended family. We even attended a party a few blocks from our home with some seminary friends. Christmas day afternoon we had a party with my family (my parents, brothers, sisters, kids) and the day after traveled to Nick's parent's for yet another present opening frenzy. We were able to spend an entire week living out of our suitcases and things went quite well. The kids received more presents this year than 20 kids could use.

The kids playing together with their Duplos

We are very grateful for family and friends who blessed them with these things. My heart aches, however, as before Christmas, Cade would proudly announce that we were celebrating Jesus' birthday, and after, Christmas became 'the day when we get to open lots of presents'.

Ava has been growing in leaps and bounds! She FINALLY got her first tooth. She'd been working on that tooth for about 7 months now! I was convinced she'd get teeth early, but it turned into me hoping she'd have them for her first birthday! She constantly has something in her mouth or she's on the hunt for something. And, she has also learned to crawl! In one day she went from making a little forward progress instead of pushing herself backward to crawling across the room! She hasn't looked back since, only forward, full speed ahead! She knows what she wants and I have to be quick if I think I'm going to prevent her from getting it! She's even taking toys right out of her big brother's hand. He tries running away from her and putting things up on the couch or ottoman, but she quickly learned to pull herself up and reach them anyhow! I'm curious (?!?) to see how this will progress! I've already caught the two of them pushing and grabbing at each other. She's going to turn my tender-hearted little boy into a fighter after all!

Cade is also growing much more rapidly than I realized. I tried to put his church shoes on him that he wears once or twice a week only to have him start crying because they were too small and hurting his foot! Only 2 months ago we were in church and he suddenly started pulling off his shoes because they were too small. That's 2 shoe sizes in 2 months! And most of his pants have recently shrunk in the laundry. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I've found a new and obsessive hobby! For so long I have wanted to learn to knit or crochet. I finally asked a friend to give me a couple lessons. At first, I just wanted to follow patterns for my projects. Well, I quickly found that I'm not so hot at following the patterns exactly, so my pieces don'tend up looking like the picture.

The pattern for this.... ...quickly turned into this!

But, I've tried several patterns and though the end result is different, I've quickly learned how to adapt to get things to be what I want! Oh the monster that has been created! I lay awake at night trying to figure out what I want to make next or how I can achieve a certain look with yarn. It's quite distracting! But so so fun and I've found many amazing Etsy shops, websites, and blogs all focusing on crochet. Who knew it would be so awesome?! Now I just need a small fortune so I can purchase lots of yarn. My favorite found blog (check it out, you've just GOT TO!) has given me a goal for our next home. Can you guess it? Here's a few of my projects I've completely, only about a million more stored away in my head. Sure is cluttered in there!

Pile of different sized hats

Case for my hooks, scissors, needles, and tape measure

Slippers for the kids. I made some fuzzy green ones for Nick too.

My newest fascination.. amigurumi food!