Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movin on out

Well, we did it. Nick officially completed his vicarage and rounded out the year + 6 weeks with Vacation Bible School. He put a lot of time and effort into VBS week and it truly was a memorable experience for everyone! No one will ever forget Diver Dan.

With the wonderful help of Nick's mom and grandpa, we were able to pack up our entire condo. Then with the help of about 12 church members we were able to jam it all into a 17 foot UHaul truck with no room to spare. We left Lowden, Iowa on Thursday morning after hours of running around cleaning and packing up the odds and ends.
Last breakfast in Lowden

We made it to a hotel in Fort Wayne by 9:30pm. Thankfully we allowed lots of time since we were traveling with kids. Friday morning Nick and my dad unloaded our truck (with the help of 2 others) into a temporary storage unit. Then we all headed over to our house that we will be renting for this coming school year. We met our landlord and lady and even our neighbors. The house has 3 bedrooms and lots of space. It is fully furnished, so we are still trying to decide what to do with all of our belongings. It's really beautiful with lots of windows, some stained glass.

Dining room with amazing stained glass window and awesome table.

On to Ohio. We left our rental house and headed to mom and dad's. Unfortunately, mom got sick right before she was supposed to get on the plane with dad to come out to Iowa. So, we stopped in to visit a little bit but we stayed outside so her germs wouldn't get us :) We spent the night at Matt and Heather's. They had a campfire and grilled vegetables straight from the garden. It was fabulous. Finished it off with s'mores, of course. Saturday morning we returned our UHaul truck and kept heading east to Wellington. We will be on this side of the state for 1 1/2 weeks and then we'll head back to mom and dad's for a few weeks.
In the car, again.

It's been quite the week. So much change and stress. It's nice to see family and have help with the kids, but it's also difficult not having a home to be settled into. We will move into the house the end of August and Nick will start school the 2nd week of September. I've heard the last year of seminary flies by and I'm already looking forward to spring.