Sunday, November 30, 2008

Toddler Time

Today I decided that if my next child brings me anywhere near as much joy as Cade has, I think I can manage to go through the labor and birth that are required. I think it's his complete randomness that daily reminds me how awesome he is and that, indeed, he must be my child to do some of the crazy things he does!

'Cade, do you need to go sit on your potty?' "No, no. I'm just..I'm just growing up. I'm just growing up so fast!!"

"Mommy, I'm so glad that you like me" - complete with a hug.

'Remember Cade, yesterday was Thanksgiving.' Reaching out and shaking my hand - "Thanks for giving!"

"Mommy, I want to make Daddy another birthday present" 'Well, Daddy doesn't have another birthday for a whole year, but we can make him a Christmas present. Christmas is coming.' "Yeah, I can hear it. I can hear it! Can you hear it Mommy?"